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King Pigeon Communication Co.,Ltd. King Pigeon Communication Co.,Ltd.

King Pigeon is a leading manufacturer of GSM Alarms, GSM M2M, GPRS RTU,3G RTU, GSM SMS Controller Alarm, GSM Medical Alarm, and Central monitoring system in the worldwide

King Pigeon is a professional GSM Alarm,GSM SMS Alarm,GSM M2M RTU,GSM SMS Controller,GSM RTU Automation system,GPRS RTU Data Logger,Temperature Logger,Power Monitoring System,Wireless GSM Home Alarm system, GSM M2M, 3G M2M, 3G RTU,3G DTU products Manufacturer! GSM Home Alarm Systems, GSM Elderly Guard Alarm, GSM Gate Opener& GSM IR Controller, GSM SMS Controller&Alarms, GSM Outdoor alarm,Power Burglarproof Alarm, GPRS Temperature Loggers, GPRS Telemetry Data Logger(GPRS RTU), GPRS Data Terminals(GPRS DTU) 3G Temperature monitoring system, 3G RTU Data Logger and Central Monitoring Control System, Alarm Sensors, Alarm detectors,Siren, Horns, Industrial Detectors,Transducers, Alarm Accessories, Central Monitoring System System OEM/ODM service. Mark at 3G-M2M.com Major Catagory: GSM SMS RTU- GSM M2M Telematics GSM SMS Controller Alarm GSM Gate Garage Door Openers GSM SMS Pulse Counter Alarm GSM SMS Temperature Alarm GSM SMS Air-Conditioner Controller GSM SMS RTU Controller Alarm GSM Dialer Power Monitoring Alarm GPRS RTU - GPRS M2M Telematics GPRS Remote Controller-SCADA GPRS Power Facility Alarm GPRS GPS Temperature Logger GPRS GPS Data Logger GPRS Modbus_TCP Gateway GPRS AMR System(Mbus Gateway) 3G RTU - 3G M2M Telematics 3G GPRS DTU Router Modem Series GSM SMS GPRS Modem GPRS DTU(Data Transfer Unit) 3G DTU Router Modem GSM Remote Monitoring Center GSM SMS Alarm Reiceiver GSM Remote Monitoring Center Smart Phone Apps Industrial Detectors Transducers Security Intrusion Detectors Water Leakage Detectors Liquid Level Detectors Transducers Temperature Humdity Transducers Power Meter Power Transducers Pressure Transducers Velocity Transducer CO CO2 Gas Detector Transducers Sirens and Other Accessories Industrial Automation Converters Serial to Serial Converters Serial to TCP/Modbus TCP Server Distributed Data Acquisition Modules Distributed DAQ I/O Modules Analog Output Modules Thermometer-couple Modules Frequency Measurement Modules Product Development Services Solar power system Ali Trade Manager:GsmAlarmSystem Skype:Samchinese Mark at 3G-M2M.com QQ: 1365358335 WeChat: Mark-KingPigeon E-mail:info@kingpigeon.com.cn Mark@3G-M2M.com More about the systems please help to visit our home page http://www.GSM-M2M.com or contact us feel freely.

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Country: China
City: shenzhen
Address: 5F,F Building,Yushen Industrial Park
Phone: +86 (755) 29063895
Fax: +86 (755) 29063895
E-mail: Mark@3G-M2M.com
URL address:
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